Welcome to Be Fruitful and Multiply.

We are John and Alice Gurr and have been married since September 1981. We have four children and currently four grandchildren!

We both came to faith in The Lord Jesus Christ when we were in our teens, Alice in  Auckland, New Zealand, and  John in Guildford, England.

Following a time in Youth With A Mission and  church plants,  we returned to our careers, Alice in accountancy and John as a golf professional. Alice came to England to work with a church plant in Crawley, where we met and married. 

After ten years of marriage we started having children, with Alice giving birth to our first at the age of 37. God blessed us with three more children. Sadly, two more pregnancies ended in miscarriages. 

We started to see God using us in the area of family in 1993. A young woman from our church working with YWAM in California had given birth to her first child and been immediately diagnosed with a tumour in her womb. We prayed, were convinced God had healed her, and soon heard that
when she went into surgery, the tumour had shrunk to the size of a pea. A few months later we prayed with a woman who had cysts on her ovaries and could not have more children. We prayed, and she fell pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby.

By this time we had three little girls of our own and were eagerly seeking God about how to raise them. We knew we were to give them a Christian education, so when the oldest was four, we sought out ACE (Accelerated Christian Education), the only Christian curriculum we knew of, and found a school teaching ACE. Our eldest attended the school for about a year, then we moved and began to home educate with ACE.

Christian home education is the ultimate place to question everything against the Scriptures, and to have complete oversight over the upbringing of your children. We were their main influence, and we chose who else had influence over them. We had a life defining moment at an ACE conference when we heard a sermon on who do you lend your children to, based on 1 Samuel 1, where Hannah lends Samuel to the Lord. We assessed every activity not just on what skills were taught, but what influences came with the instruction. If a teacher would not allow us to sit in on a class, we did not put our children into it. We discovered that home education is a lifestyle of constantly evaluating what is best for your children through prayer and information, and seeking others who are doing the same. God was at the centre of everything we did in our home educating.

In 2000 Alice was working and John home educating when God gave us a clear word to have another child. Someone we had never met asked us why we had stopped having children! We prayerfully discussed this on the way home from the meeting, and later that year our son was born. Alice was home again,
home educating with a new baby, and began networking with home educators in the area. She joined a Christian home educating group and soon came across Above Rubies, a wonderful ministry started by a New Zealand woman to encourage mothers in their high calling in the home.


We became the European directors for this ministry, spending eight years expanding the reach of the magazine in the UK and Europe through conferences, exhibitions and personal contacts. We also learned a great deal about what the Bible says about families from the teaching in Above Rubies. We continued to see miracles in the area of fertility and health issues. We prayed with a woman at an exhibition who had
had many miscarriages, and later that year she sent us a picture of her newborn baby! We also encouraged others with fertility and maternal health issues to adopt.

We handed over the running of Above Rubies in the UK and Europe several years ago, although we have continued to promote the work and encourage families in any way we can. In the past six months God has begun to refresh and reveal the truths of marriage and family to us again from His Word, and we believe He wants us to be more proactive in bringing these truths to the body of Christ. In particular He has shown us how seriously He takes marriage and divorce, and that contraception is the gateway through which the enemy of souls began to inflict damage on the church’s moral standards.

As most of our own family have now left home, we find ourselves free to engage in this ministry in depth. We look forward to the opportunities God is giving us to encourage believers in this crucial area of life.

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