• John and Alice Gurr

An unbreakable covenant

I have been considering today a new perspective on the theological question of whether one can lose their salvation. I am now firmly convinced that salvation can not be lost, and here is why.

God does not recognise divorce for any reason. Even the oft quoted escape clause of adultery is not grounds for divorce, as the reference to it in Matthew’s gospel refers to unfaithfulness between a betrothed couple, not a couple whose marriage has been consummated. God hates divorce, and makes it clear in the gospels and the early church letters that a marriage is not ended by divorce, and subsequent remarriage is adultery.

Marriage is a picture of the relationship between Christ and His church. In the Old Testament, God often refers to Israel as His bride, and discusses Israel’s behaviour in the terminology of marriage, unfaithfulness and adultery. So when a person becomes a new creation in Christ, they enter into the New Covenant in Christ’s blood, and become part of the bride of Christ. If God does not tolerate or recognise divorce in a human marriage, how could he recognise divorce from His eternal bride, or members of His bride. He is utterly faithful to His bride, and there is nothing we can do to nullify our New Covenant with Him. If we have been truly born again into His kingdom, we are eternally His.

This does not give us licence to sin, but even if we reject Him for a time, He never rejects us. His immense love for us is the motivation for us to love Him and want to please Him, but if we forget Him and go our own way, we are still His bride and He will pursue us and not give up on us. This is a wonderful parallel between marriage and salvation!


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