• John and Alice Gurr

The Myth of Overpopulation

Overpopulation is cited as one of the main causes of climate change, and an ongoing danger to the future of the planet. Methods of reducing overpopulation, such as contraception and abortion, are being discussed at the moment in Nairobi at the International Conference of Population Control. Because of recent climate change hysteria, overpopulation is no longer being discussed as a theory, it is being treated as fact.

What does the Bible have to say about this? In Genesis 1:28, God’s first instructions to Adam and Eve were to “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it.” God’s master plan for the earth He created was that man, created in His image, should multiply and fill the earth. So there is nothing wrong with being fruitful and multiplying. This instruction has never been superceded or rescinded, but it does have a condition attached. We are to multiply until the earth is full.

Is the earth full? Population control advocates say it is, and that the evidence is in the fact that a substantial proportion of the population live in poverty and hunger. But the real reason for poverty and hunger have nothing to do with the quantity of food available worldwide. They are caused by political corruption, the heartless accumulation of more than they need by greedy leaders, administrators and politicians.

Jesus tells the story of one greedy rich man. (Luke 12) His crops were bountiful, and he did not have room to store his harvest. He decided to build bigger barns and keep the surplus for himself, instead of distributing his excess to his neighbours. God gave the bounty for the region, not for one man, and in his selfishness he created a shortage of grain locally and kept the price artificially high so the poor couldn’t afford to buy it. Who remembers the food mountains of the 70s, created by the EU to keep prices of butter, beef, wine, mik and many other resources artificially high? So resources are distributed unevenly and the poor suffer from the greed of the rich. Recently the king of Swaziland bought 13 Rolls Royces and about 50 BMWs for his 14 wives and other family members. The average person in Swaziland would have to work many years to afford one Rolls Royce, and there is much poverty. There is clearly no lack of resources. The king also has a $200 million private jet. Are we likely to run out of food? In 1968, Paul Erlich published a book called The Population Bomb. It was very popular and brought him much media attention. In it he predicted that because of the growing population of the earth, we would see global famine in the 70s and 80s. In fact, those were decades of exceptional agricultural production, much of which was stored in the food mountains of the EU.

God always provides for His world. As the population of the world has grown, so has technology, leading to food production outstripping increases in population. The world has never been better equipped to feed us. The latest food technology and production techniques includes hydroponics, advanced irrigation, more productive seeds, better fertilisers. Technology enables soils to support more growing seasons. For example, tulip bulbs in Holland are lifted at the end of flowering and flown to Southland in NZ and replanted for a second harvest, and returned to Holland in time for the flower season there. The world has unprecedented means to feed its people. Land that is virtually uninhabited occupies much of the globe. Deserts and mountains are being turned into habitable and productive regions. Much of Holland is land reclaimed from the sea. The entire population of the earth can fit into the state of Texas with nearly as much space per person as each resident of New York has. This means that the earth is not “full”, so Gods command to be fruitful and multiply has not been fulfilled yet.

So not only is the world not over populated, it is actually under populated. Through contraception and abortion the multiplication of mankind has slowed down dramatically. We need to see these tools of the population control advocates for what they are - interference in the sovereign right of Almighty God to create life as and when HE chooses. So why is the myth of overpopulation being cited as fact? It is a major tool of the eugenics movement, a movement of wealthy elites who want to eliminate from society those whom they deem less worthy of life. It was popular in the early part of the twentieth century, and was the source of Hitler‘s ideas for his diabolical extermination of everyone he considered unfit for his “master race”. After World War 2, rather unsurprisingly, eugenics was not popular, so the movement morphed into a “population control movement”, with contraception and abortion as its main tools. These weapons were wielded mostly against the poor and against any race or religion considered inferior. The aim of eugenics has always been to “improve the human race” by removing “people of inferior breeding”. With media cooperation, the myth of overpopulation has been repeated so often and given credence by such eminent people that it has become fact to most people. But even though an oft repeated lie may be accepted as fact, it can never actually be true. World overpopulation is a myth.


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